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we’re the bibliopunks

and we believe every voice is worth hearing.

we want to hear yours.

from poetry to prose and anything in between, from nonfiction to speculative fiction, we’re looking for you.

we’re an online literary zine aimed at young adults (13-24), by young adults.

what we’re looking for

send us something that changed you to write.

send us something you love more than your own mother.

send us something to make our jaws clench, our spines shiver, our voices wobble, our hearts warm.

send us something that will change us, too.

We’re looking for English language work of any genre from authors ages 13 -24, from any and every background, experience, and voice. What we don’t want: hatred of any kind, plagiarism, or gratuitous sex, violence, or profanity. That’s it. We accept never been published authors and many times published authors. if you’re not sure you’re right for us, risk it anyway and send us your work. Questions or comments? Email us –

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